SensMar, Self Powered Contents Gauge manufacturer direct replacements for Bestobell KDG Instruments Mobrey Solartron Hydrostatic Contents Gauge Tank liquid level gauge and indicators liquid level hydrostatic liquid level, and Switches
LEVEL - Self Powered Contents Gauge
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Self powered contents gauge

ES Gauge

MS Gauge
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Self Powered Contents Gauge for liquid level measurement, replacement for KDG Instruments, Mobrey, Mersey, Tees and Thames series.
Type - SPCG Series

BV Type approved product - BV certificate no: 29227/A0 BV

Tank level (depth) measuring ranges from 0.23mtr to 14mtr H20 @ Specific Gravity 1.0
Indicator sizes 100mm, 160mm and 250mm diameter
Either Surface/wall (complete with back flange), or Panel mount (with rear mounting bracket and wing nuts) available
Built in overload protection
Stainless Steel indicators and sensors
Accuracy +/- 1.0%
Externally screwed or flanged tank connection sensors
Internally mounted 316 Stainless Steel sensors, flush diaphragm, fully welded
Inert gas filling reduces temperature and fitting height errors
Unique dial layout to suit your tank - dual scale calibration available
Direct replacements for the discontinued KDG Instruments, Mobrey, Solartron Mobrey series of self powered contents gauges.

Also known as a Hydrostatic Contents Gauge (HCG), or liquid level tank indicator.

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