SensMar manufacturing liquid level and contents gauging sensor marine systems Sydney Australia. Replacement for KDG Instruments Limited Solartron Mobrey Measurement, Autrol, Besta Finetek SIKA and others
SensMar Pty Ltd. A specialist engineering company 100% owned by its employees committed to the manufacture and through life support of sensors and systems for the Marine and Process industries. Formed by colleagues with an industry background committed to innovation and manufacture for the international market. Bring in depth application knowledge and manufacturing skills SensMar is a proven world player with 80% of its output being exported to tough international markets.

SensMar Pty Ltd.  recognised by the Australian Department of Defence with the LoRS (Letter of Recognised Supply)
Core manufacturing lines are liquid level and contents gauging providing tank contents gauges using the Hydrostatic contents gauge principle. These sensors and systems are industry standards for marine duties. SensMar manufactures direct replacements for the KDG Instruments, Mobrey, and other leading level gauge types. Core products are supported by simple level control switch products through to HMI interfaces and monitors as needed. SensMar’s manufacturing skills are arranged to provide prompt, cost-effective solutions to your Contents gauging and level measurements needs.  
SensMar manufacturing includes welding, soldering, brazing, vacuum leak testing and machining facilities which provide end-users (with the aid of specialist built test equipment to meet client’s requirements) through life support ranging from onsite service through to factory rebuilds, specials, calibration, repairs, and spares for both current and legacy products including:
Bopp & Reuther
Dobbie Mc lnnes
Hawker Electronics
Heinrich Kübler
Klay Instruments
KDG Instruments
Mobrey Measurement
MPB Industries Flowmeters
New Flow
Peek Measurement
Record Electrical
Rototherm U.K
Solartron Mobrey
Trafag AG